You’re going to be disappointed. But hopefully not for too long. I’m going to end up doing a little revamping over the summer, re-tooling for something a little more creative.

In the meantime, go play Diablo III. Maybe I’ll see you there.


Will it continue?

On November 29, 2010, in Site News, by Gooch

I wonder if I need to start writing again.

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Brainstorm – Student to School: ‘You Owe Me Money’ – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Ok, at the risk of falling into the McDonald’s coffee trap and talking about a case without knowing the full details of it, I’ve got to say: What the hell?

I couldn’t resist, I had to comment. Let’s be serious, here, folks. How the hell do you bring a tort against your school because you didn’t get a job?

I may be the best-trained Geek out there, with the finest school pedigree, but if I wet myself on the interview, I’m probably not getting the job.

There’s far too many intervening factors there for her to blame the school.

Besides, if she wants to get into tech, let some of us who lived through the tech bubble burst talk with her about the stress of her 3-month job search. Boo hoo. 3 months is child’s play.

And it’s a freaking recession.

Grow up first, then get litigious.

Now let me tell you what I really think…


Filling up the front page with love.

On July 31, 2009, in Music, by Gooch

Here’s a little Greenskeepers for your day.


I love this song.

On July 31, 2009, in Music, by Gooch

I may be a seriously emo boy for saying this, but I love this song…


World-wide recognition for geekdom!

On July 31, 2009, in Site News, by Gooch

That’s right, folks. We’re visited by people from all over the world. All over. Maybe even space.

Look, ma, worldwide visitors!

Look, ma, worldwide visitors!


I’d like to blame my wife…

On July 31, 2009, in Site News, by Gooch

But I can’t.

I’ve spent some time reflecting on life, lately. That happens. Call them incremental life crises, because mid-life just isn’t true. I’ve discovered that I miss writing. I plan to do more of it. As such, my wife suggested that I fire up another blog. (Because the last couple I’ve had were flaming successes…) I’ve decided that’s a good idea.

Additionally, I’ve signed up for Twitter. Do you know how insane that seems? I mean, I already work 9 hour days, commute 1.5 hours a weekday, and have a solid interest in spending 10-15 hours a week playing video games. So, really, when am I going to blog or tweet?

We shall see. Follow me here, or on Twitter @rgooch42. I could use followers. I’ve always wanted followers…